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Using Stock Instruments and FX in Logic for House

efm1 fx logic note repeat retro synth stock instruments suitcase May 30, 2020

In one of his first lessons for Mixmasters, Ian Bland explores the Logic Stock instruments and FX that are on point for making House. 


Ian Bland has 30 years’ experience as a producer, his biggest claim to fame being Dream Frequency and Dancing Divaz. Dancing Divaz were one of the most prolific remixers of the nineties and are smashing it today with releases on Todd Terry’s: InHouse and other big names. 


The full lesson is packed with over 10 recommended instruments and FX for that Housey vibe. Here are some of his top suggestions: 


Using Stock Instruments and FX in Logic for House: Producer Insights

  • The EFM1 is a solid option for basslines. For that dubby house bass keep the filter cut off nice and low.
  • Retro Synth is another Logic reliable for bass. It offers 4 different synth’s in one. Analog mode has two oscillators and you can tweak the mix of them. You can use the Amp Envelope to adjust ADSR.
  • The Note Repeat midi effect can add all kinds of new elements to your basslines. You can change the velocity and timing of repeats and more.
  • Use Suitcase Mark IV for that classic House sound.


Full Tutorial Description

Ian showcases over 10 Logic stock instruments and FX, perfect for producing House: 

  • ES1.
  • EFM1.
  • EXS24. 
  • Retro Synth. 
  • Alchemy.
  • Vintage B3.
  • Chord Trigger.
  • Auto-filter.    
  • ES P.
  • Arpeggiator.
  • Chromaverb.
  • Note Repeat.
  • Suitcase Mark IV.
  • Vintage Clav. 


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