wrangler Remixing a Track: Where to Start?

Remixing a Track: Where to Start?

Jun 12, 2020 6:04pm

In her first lesson for Mixmasters, Annie Errez gives her advice on where to start when you are remixing a track.


Underground artist Annie Errez has been producing for over 10 years, Djing at the Mint Club in Leeds and the Mint Warehouse among others, and is currently doing a Masters in Music Production.


Here are some of her insights into making a remix, the DAW in the lesson is Ableton Live but most of the concepts can be applied to any software:


Remixing a Track: Where to Start: Producer Insights

  • There are different ways to approach a remix:
        • Don’t listen to the original at all.
        • Listen and take a different direction.
        • Limit the amount of parts from the original that you will use.
        • Use reference tracks to guide the vibe of your track.
  • Integrate original sounds with your own, keeping in mind your sonic signature: your own unique sound.
  • You may be approached by a label to do a remix but if not, there are remix competitions out there, Mixmasters run these regularly. You can also swap tracks with your friends to practice remixing and approach artists and labels yourself.
  • Bonus Tip: In any of your productions use the R-Bass plugin to change the feel of your drums, giving them more presence and punch if needed.


Full Tutorial Description 

  • The ethos of a remix .
  • How to find tracks to remix.
  • What you should expect when remixing a track.
  • What to be aware of.
  • Different approaches to remixing.
  • Your sonic signature.
  • Getting feedback.
  • Breakdown of Annie’s remix of Dudley Strangeways track “Intercities” so far.


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