Mixing Down a Track with Slate Digital Plugins

Jun 27, 2020 1:59pm

Ian Bland is back with another lesson for Mixmasters packed with knowledge. This time he is mixing down a track with Slate Digital plugins, offering mixdown and other production tips along the way.


Bland is no stranger to the studio, forming one half of Dream Frequency in the 90’s, releasing under many other titles including Quake, Dejure and now Dancing Divaz and Blandy. He also runs his own label: Maison Records. 


Here are some insights taken from the full lesson: 


Mixing Down a Track with Slate Digital Plugins: Producer Insights

  • The Trimmer, Virtual Channel, then your favourite EQ and Compressor are a good start when building processing chains.
  • Verbsuite Classics provides dynamic reverb that you can use on strings, rhodes and more, even the presets sound good. 
  • To lift your mix with some top end put some air in the sides with Eiosis AirEQ.
  • Use the FG-401 to enhance your rhodes. 
  • The Infinity EQ in combination with the FG-Grey compressor can clean your strings up. 
  • A lot of the Slate plugins add colour and saturation to give you that analog warmth.


Full Tutorial Description

  • Adding warmth, processing and depth to your track.
  • Virtual Mix Rack.
  • Trimmer. 
  • VCC Channel. 
  • FG-N.
  • FG-A.
  • FG-S.
  • FG-116 Fet Compressor.
  • FG-401 VCA Compressor.
  • Gates. 
  • Infinity EQ.
  • Verbsuite Classics.
  • FG-116 Modern. 
  • FG-Grey and more. 


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