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Making Fat House and Techno Drums in Ableton Live #2

ableton live automation drums groove house simpler techno Jun 24, 2020

Saytek returns for part two of his Mixmasters series teaching how to make fat House and Techno drums in Ableton Live.


Saytek has gained international notoriety for his live looping shows and is signed to Carl Cox and Chris Coe’s label Awesome Soundwave. His teaching style is one that is easy to understand and always inspires.


Here are some more of his producer insights for creating filthy beats:


Making Fat House and Techno Drums in Ableton Live #2: Producer Insights

  • Use Simpler to isolate drum hits from loops and programme your own rhythms.  
  • Make loops your own in audio clips. Use automation to remove pieces and change start and end points. Then add to your own beats for extra groove. 
  • Use Glue Compressor on drum groups to pull them together.


Full Tutorial Description:

  • Isolating drum hits from loops with Simpler.
  • Using the LFO in Auto-filter to add interest to your beats.
  • Making loops your own and layering them with your drums.
  • Using Ableton Live’s “slice to new midi track” function to slice up drum loops and cherry pick your favourite hits.
  • Adding cohesion to drum groups with Glue Compressor.
  • Automation on midi slices.
  • Recording automation.
  • How to find out the key of a loop.


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