wrangler How to Create the Best Bass Sounds for House

How to Create the Best Bass Sounds for House

Jun 15, 2020 7:13pm

Mixmaster’s regular Ian Bland delivers another epic lesson exploring how to create the best bass sounds for your House productions, from synth recommendations to sidechaining, swing and more.

Ian has an impressive array of credentials, forming one half of Dream Frequency and being a prolific part of the House scene in the early 90’s. 

With official remixes for Queen, Baby D and Prince, and releases on every label from Sony to EMI. He continues to smash it today with consistent big releases from his Dancing Divaz moniker.

Here are some producer insights taken from the lesson, Ian uses Logic, but the synths and most techniques can be used in any DAW:


How to Create the Best Bass Sounds for House: Producer Insights

  • The Prophet V is a versatile synth choice, use the Cut, Res and Keyboard controls to craft your own pumping basslines.  
  • In Logic use latch to automate filter parameters for interesting effects.
  • The Juno 106 is another stalwart of the House scene and again very versatile, you can mix saw and square waves and add a sub within the synth to make your sounds.
  • For a Disco House vibe use Modo Bass for a natural guitar-based sound.
  • Use LFO tool to add Jackin’ groove.  
  • Use Grid mode in the Arpeggiator midi effect to create exciting basslines.


Full Tutorial Description:

  • Plugins, programming and processing.
  • Roland: Juno 106.
  • Slate Digital Plugins: Virtual Mix Rack.  
  • Mongoose.
  • Sidechaining: Nicky Romero’s: Kickstart and LFO Tool.
  • Arpeggiator midi effect.
  • Prophet V.
  • Automation with latch.
  • Sylenth.
  • SH-2.
  • Modo Bass.
  • Scarbee Pre-Bass.
  • The Legend. 


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