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House and Hard House in FL studio

arrangement window filter envelope fl studio fruity balance hard house house sample organisation Jun 19, 2020

In her Mixmaster’s debut, Amber D shows how she makes House and Hard House in FL Studio.


Amber D has been Djing for nearly 18 years in a variety of styles, her core sound being hard house. Her finger is firmly on the pulse of what is trending, running a multitude of labels including: Ambush, Transportal and D’Licious. With her own releases on Hard Drive, Cheeky Tracks and more. Ambers teaching style is encouraging, inspiring and full of takeaway tips.


Here are some insights taken from the full lesson:


House and Hard House in FL Studio: Producer Insights 

  • Use a filter envelope to sculpt the sound of your kicks in a smoother way than with volume envelopes.
  • You can use automation with Fruity Balance for flexible sidechaining.
  • Use multiple arrangement windows to improve your workflow.
  • Put all of your favourite samples from each sample pack you have into one channel and render them down to keep your library organised and your favourites close to hand when making tracks.


Full Tutorial Description 

  • Making a House / Hard House track.
  • Using the Channel Rack.
  • Cleaning up kicks: filter envelopes.
  • Sidechaining with Fruity Balance. 
  • Production mindset.
  • Building an individual sample library for your sound.
  • Transistor bass.
  • File Management and Workflow.
  • Remixing a track.
  • Using bedding loops.


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