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Creative Techniques in Logic Pro

channel eq creative techniques exs24 logic pro low end balance melodic techno sidechain compression Jun 16, 2020

In a lesson for Mixmasters, Carl Bee shows some creative techniques in Logic Pro that he uses to make certified heaters. 

Making waves in Malta and internationally, Carl Bee is in his element. Running regular events in Malta and with releases on Intec, Green and more. His inspiring and relaxed approach to production is addictive. 

Here are some of the creative techniques he looks at in the lesson: 


Creative Techniques in Logic Pro: Producer Insights

  • Slice a loop up by transients to give you separate usable sounds in the EXS24. 
  • Use sidechain compression to add dynamics to your percussion and fill the gaps between kicks. 
  • Bonus Tip: Use two Channel EQ’s to look at your kick and bass frequencies at the same time. From here you can make cut’s so that each has room to breathe, depending on which aspect you want to be the focus in the track. 


 Full Tutorial Description

  • Making loops your own.
  • Using sidechain compression as an effect.
  • Using Logic’s: ‘Convert to New Sampler Track’ function.
  • Using ‘Arpeggiator’ midi effect.
  • Resampling. 
  • Using ES P for FXs.
  • Eqing. 
  • Using Alchemy. 
  • Using the ‘latch’ function to record automation. 
  • Using mono.
  • Resampling in Ableton. 


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