wrangler Getting Creative with Midi in Ableton Live

Getting Creative with Midi in Ableton Live

Jun 11, 2020 2:30pm

In his latest Mixmaster’s lesson, Jacky shows us an epic hack for creating captivating basslines and melodies with midi in Ableton Live. This method can be applied to most aspects of your track, including drums. 


Jacky’s productions are always attention grabbing and interest holding, so he knows what he is talking about when it comes to getting creative.


Here are some professional insights taken from the lesson: 


Getting Creative with Midi in Ableton Live: Producer Insights 

  • If you aren’t good at creating basslines or not musically trained you can use this hack to let Ableton Live do the work for you: 
      • Use notes in separate midi channels to control your synth or sample of choice. 
      • Add a midi channel as a bus between the controlling samples and your bassline sound, placing desired effects on the bus. 
  • You can use this technique to create sustained Tech House basslines with specific synths.
  • Create impressive hi-hat patterns using this method with the ‘Arpeggiator’ and ‘Velocity’ midi effects.


Full Tutorial Description:

  • A creative hack for making captivating basslines, melodies, drum patterns and more.
  • Using multiple midi channels to control one sound.
  • Routing channels.
  • Using Ableton Live’s midi effects.
  • Recording from midi and editing. 


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