wrangler Basic Compression and EQ in Disco

Basic Compression and EQ in Disco

Jun 12, 2020 3:51pm

In his latest Mixmaster’s tutorial, esteemed producer, DJ and founder of Karmic Power Records Lenny Fontana looks at using basic compression and EQ in Disco.

Working on the kick, bass, guitar and horns from his track with Chris Willis: 'Top of the World', Lenny uses external plugins to compress and EQ each element. As a bonus he shows how to glue your kick and bass together by putting them into a bus and processing them with a mastering compressor.


Basic Compression and EQ in Disco: Producer Insights

We’ve put together some of his best insights for you to enjoy here:


  • Acoustic kicks can give you that authentic Disco sound.
  • If you are a beginner and finding it hard to understand how to use compressors and EQ’s, use the presets that they come with. They are made by experts who know their stuff.
  • Check out Plugin Alliance or Waves for external plugins.
  • In Disco you want to hear the strings and fingering in your bassline. Use EQ in the low mid and high mid area to accentuate these if needed.


Full Tutorial Description:

  • Basic compression using a DBX 160 (s) and EQ with a SSL G-Channel on:

        • A kick drum.

        • A live bass recording.

        • A live guitar recording.

        • Conga’s.

        • Horns.

  • Glueing kick and bass together by processing them in a bus with the Shadow Hills: Class A, Mastering Compressor.

  • Extensive Q and A section.


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