wrangler Automation in Logic Pro….You’re in Control

Automation in Logic Pro….You’re in Control

Jul 04, 2020 11:00am


In her first lesson for Mixmasters Estelle Rubio takes a close look at using automation in Logic Pro


Estelle’s style spans electronic genres such as House, Latin (from her roots) and Chill-Out with releases on Atlantic Jaxx, Saifam, Looper and more, she has sung and remixed for Basement Jaxx and her music has received big responses from critics. 


She is a self-confessed geek, having written for Music Production degrees, is a Logic X Certified Trainer and now works for Apple as a presenter for Logic X at conferences and product launches. 


Her are some insights taken from her full lesson: 


Automation in Logic Pro….You’re in Control: Producer Insights

  • One of the easiest places to start with automation can be filter cutoff's as it gives you a very immediate effect. 
  • Use the ‘A’ key command to open up regions on your page when automating. 
  • Automating simple things like volume can have a big impact on your productions.
  • You can use automation to push and pull elements of your track at the same time to create powerful crescendos.
  • OneKnob Filter is a great filter that makes it simple to do complicated things, automating this can give awesome effects in your tracks. 
  • Make sure you don’t include too much automation in your track, remember that your music is going to be played by DJ’s and they might like to add their own filters and FX, so leaving space for this can be a good idea. 
  • ‘Bouncing in place’ sounds with automation can be a good idea, as even if what you have doesn’t fit the track right now, you could use it later. 


Full Tutorial Description

  • Getting creative with automation.
  • Automating synths. 
  • Creating crescendos with layers of automation.
  • OneKnob Filter.
  • Replika XT. 
  • Automating the unexpected.
  • Track Automation vs Region Automation. 
  • Touch mode vs Latch mode. 
  • Automating Vocals.


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