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Ableton Push 2 Masterclass

ableton live drum rack fx key notes push 2 simpler Jun 13, 2020

Do you have a Push 2 and don’t know how to use it? Or are you thinking about getting one and want some more info? In this Mixmaster’s lesson, Simon Lyon takes you through the main functions of Ableton’s Push 2 and how to get the most out of them.


Ableton Certified Trainer and producer, Simon Lyon has worked with the likes of Rudimental, Jon Hopkins and more. 


Check out some of the insights from his demo here: 


Ableton Push 2 Masterclass: Producer Insights 

  • When playing notes, pressing a green square allows you to play the same note in a different location.
  • Use the scale effect so that you never play a note out of key. 
  • Use Simpler to chop up samples and trigger them with Push. 
  • You can add FX to your productions using the visuals as your guide.
  • Use Push to quickly programme drums in Drum Rack. 


Full Tutorial Description:

  • Getting acquainted with the pads, knobs, and touchscreens.
  • Building a bassline with Ableton Live’s: Wavetable.
  • Using Drum Rack.
  • Playing chords.
  • Adding FX’S.
  • Using Push 2 with plugins.
  • Slicing and using samples to get creative.
  • Vocal manipulation. 


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