Ableton For Beginners Bootcamp w/ Kreature


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Ableton For Beginners Bootcamp w/ Kreature

Course Lessons

Course Preview

1 minute


4 minutes

Tour of Ableton Live

10 minutes

Midi and Audio Channels

34 minutes

Live Q&A Part 1

14 minutes

Setting up Drums and Basslines

5 minutes

Adding Groove to Drums and Reverb to a Clap

23 minutes

Creating a Bassline in Ableton Live's Operator

29 minutes

Live Q&A Part 2

10 minutes

Creating Loops

4 minutes

Sidechain Compression and Busses An Introduction

11 minutes

Progressing Your Track Adding Synths and Audio FX

13 minutes

Building Out Your Arrangement in Session View

15 minutes

Adding a Vocal and Using a Sampler

14 minutes

Live Q&A Part 3

11 minutes

Moving into Arrangement View

4 minutes

Using a Reference Track

22 minutes

Progressing Your Intro

24 minutes

Working on the Rest of the Track

31 minutes

Exporting Your Track

10 minutes

Live Q&A Part 4

16 minutes

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